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Color Picker Tool

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Color Picker Tool

There are many color pickers out there, but which one is the best?

The best color picker is the Color Picker tool in Photoshop. It has a wide range of options, and is very easy to use. You can even change the color of the cursor using the color picker, which is a great feature.

How to use it?

1. Choose Color
Choose the color you want to get the HEX or RGB code. The trick is to click the small colored box, then choose a base color.

If the color is still not what you want, click 'More' then you can adjust the Hue, Saturation and Value of the color.

If you have got the color you want, don't forget to click 'Set' to get the color code and click the get color code button so that the HEX and RGB codes appear which you can then use.

2. Slide the Color Bar
And to get our other color suggestion codes, please swipe up and down on the recommendation color bar. Then there are many color choices that you can use.

To get the code from this color bar, you just need to click on the color bar, then the HEX and RGB codes will appear which will automatically copy the code.

Very easy isn't it?

This Color Picker tool is indispensable if you are a designer who needs color codes for your beautiful designs or for color inspiration for your website.

Good luck!